When it comes to IT infrastructure, chances are you know one or two different areas very well if you are beginning your journey.  When we start our journey to becoming an IT architect, we are often known as “the storage person” or “the network person”.  After all, this knowledge has served us well so far in our careers.  The trick to becoming an IT architect is to learn more about multiple areas of IT infrastructure.


I like to call these the infrastructure areas of expertise.  While there are so many different areas in an IT infrastructure environment, I break it down to several important ones for the aspiring IT architect.  They are:
  • Server and Compute
  • Virtualization
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Applications
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery
  • Security
Now, for an example. We all know “the network person”. Of course, this person must have knowledge of designing, operating, and security the network. It is also important to know information about the rest of these IT infrastructure areas since they will all impact the network.  You can also use your knowledge of networking as a basis for starting to learn about more areas of IT infrastructure.  You may decide to learn virtualization by starting with the networking component, or learning about business continuity based on how it will impact your network.


Wherever you are starting, IT Architect Series: The Journey gives you the tools you need to develop your skills.  It will give you an overview of these IT infrastructure areas, why they are important, and the consequences of not understanding them.  It will also introduce you to many methods of gaining new knowledge.


Beyond the infrastructure areas of expertise, IT Architect Series: The Journey will also teach you about the softer skills you will need as an aspiring IT architect, such as writing and understanding requirements, and how you can get these often overlooked softer skills.


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